The Rocknoll Energy Story

Seeing into the future of energy generation, Rocknoll Energy was founded in 1994 with the goal of “getting people off the grid.” Even back then, Rocknoll realized carbon-based energy generation would be more expensive and sustainable energy would become the smarter choice. What began as simply installing wood stoves has evolved into a company that provides turnkey solutions, from planning and financing to implementation. And yes, we still install stoves.

Rocknoll’s goal of providing alternative energy solutions to homeowners and businesses alike has not changed over the years. With the installation of outdoor boilers, corn and pellet stoves, wind turbines, solar arrays and geothermal loops; our alternative energy solutions in your home or business will benefit with clean and affordable power that will reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint well into the future.

With our factory-trained and certified team members you can count on a quick install with a reliable outcome. Contact us today and learn how affordable and easy it is to convert to sustainable energy. You’ll be glad you did!