Listening, Questioning and Understanding : Your Sustainable Solution

Don’t know where to start? No problem. Rocknoll can help. Many times clients come to Rocknoll with a dream of moving toward energy independence. Based on the ideas exchanged, Rocknoll will consult with you and determine a best course of action.

The first step is to evaluate your current energy usage. Rocknoll can assist in accurately determining the various factors that play into your current usage. We look at your structure, and location to best determine the type of renewable energy solution. Even beyond that, Rocknoll takes into consideration the family or group that will be using the system. Clients looking for a wind turbine may be better served with a solar array. Some clients are better suited to use a wood stove instead of a Solar PV array… or both! Whatever the situation, Rocknoll has the industry expertise to advise you of the best solution for your need.

In recent years, efficiencies in solar systems, other renewable energy components make an installation’s return on investment quicker than in the past. Rocknoll can easily estimate your payback horizon and savings for years to come. Many times what appears to be out of reach is actually attainable, Rocknoll Energy gives access to the latest rebates and grants available to make your renewable energy project become a reality. When you are completely informed, Rocknoll is there to help you make a final decision and implement.