Green Energy Options

Whether it be wanting to go off the grid, generate your own power, or just have a backup for when the grid goes down, Rocknoll has you covered.


We offer three main types of green energy solutions for your home or business.



The science behind green; a brief summary:

PV solar cells use the sun’s rays to generate direct current or DC. This collected DC power is transformed into the more usable alternating current, or AC form, through an inverter or stored into batteries to be inverted before later use. Once in AC form, the power can be sent to your home/business or overflow onto the grid.


In a wind turbine, moving air forces the blades on the head to spin, driving a generator on the inside of the head mount. The height of the tower, and size of the turbine depends on the intended install location as well as your power needs.



Solar thermal, while not generating electrical energy, is a green way to reduce your energy consumption. Solar thermal collectors use UV rays from the sun to heat glycol; a substance commonly used as an antifreeze. The heated liquid is pumped through a piping system to heat your domestic hot water tank, pool, or even radiant floor heating. Through this, you are cutting out your need for electric or propane run alternatives.


To read more on how these options work, and how we can make them work for you, follow the links above to their solution pages.