How is solar thermal different from PV solar?

Solar thermal collectors gather heat rather than electrical energy from the sun’s rays. The collectors are made up of a series of tubes that the “solar fluid”, usually glycol, sits in to be heated by the sun. A very small pump then pushes the heated fluid through the system where it delivers its heat to a holding tank. This heated water can be used for various purposes:

  • Domestic Hot Water (DHW) – the hot water you use in your house to wash your hands, brew coffee, take a shower, etc.
  • Pool/Hot tub – makes a great “heat sink” to dump any extra heat your system might produce
  • Space heating (Radiant heat) – running hot water through tubing in the floor of your home or business¬†for heat

Does one or more of these options sound like something you need?

We can help! The various solar thermal heating systems can be combined in about any way imaginable. Give us a call to figure out just what you might need! Smaller applications may use only one collector, while others might need five or six. The collectors can be mounted on the ground or the roof off your home, office, or shed.


Solar thermal projects are eligible for the 30% investment tax credit. Read more about the ITC and grants on our incentives page. Financing