Find a better way to heat your house!

Cold winters have you down, or are you afraid to open your heating bill every month? We can help! Rocknoll offers various heating solutions when it comes to keeping your home or business warm.

These boiler furnaces burn wood to heat water. The hot water is then transferred to the building you wish to heat and costs a fraction of what gas, oil, or electricity would.






This method of heating is best installed when a home or workshop is being built, as it requires tubing to be laid in the floor. The heated liquid cycles around these loops of tubing to heat your space via thermal radiation through the floor. In these systems, the heat source could be propane, electric, or even the sun. You can read about solar thermal below or on its own page.

Solar thermal collectors use UV rays from the sun to heat a water holding tank. Once it’s heated to the right temperature, the hot water is distributed to your domestic hot water tank or pool. It can even be used in a radiant floor space heating system.




Whether you’re looking for a greener way of living, or just to save some money every month, our experts can provide systems that work for you.

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