Alternative Heating Method for Your Home & Business: Radiant Heat

Also known as hydronic heat, radiant heat warms rooms by heating the floor in which it is hidden. The floor and other objects in the room radiate this heat out into the air. A similar system can also be laid into a parking lot or driveway to heat it in the winter months for snow & ice removal.

Radiant heat works like this; a holding tank of hot water transfers it’s heat to a set of tubing that then runs through the floors of the building. These pipe circuits are spaced in such a way as to uniformly heat the floor and in turn the room.






Radiant systems can be installed in a preexisting structure, however, it is most easily incorporatedĀ during the construction phase. The water in the holding tank also has a couple of options for heating. You could go propane or even solar thermal. To learn more about out solar thermal options, check out our Solar Thermal Heating page.



Advantages of Radiant Heat

There are several advantages to heating your home and business with radiant heat.

  1. Uniform heating of a room, not dependent on the placement of vents

  2. No allergensĀ being circulated like in a forced air system

  3. For new construction, radiant heat can eliminateĀ the need for ductwork entirely

  4. The potential for green heating through solar thermal

Our radiant heat systems are also scalable, meaning we can make our system fit your space. Are you just looking to heat a garage or shed? We have you covered. Do you want to heat your home but not bother with the basement? We can do that too. Are you tired of shoveling snow and dealing with ice on your driveway? A radiant loop can be used to melt the snow away for safe driving.

Contact us today, or give us a call. It’s never too early to find your heating solution.