LED Lighting; A Bright Investment

LED lighting is a great way to decrease your energy consumption and save some money! They use less energy, last longer than conventional lamps, and most utility companies offer rebates for making the switch.

Rocknoll Energy can help you with your updating, upgrading, or new installation projects for indoor and outdoor lighting. How many of the following areas could your business upgrade?

  • Outdoor building

  • Parking lot

  • Indoor office/warehouse

  • Sports field/arena


What’s so special about LED?

LED lighting can be up to 80% more efficient than incandescent options. The typical lifespan of LED far outreaches that of any of the other conventional options, sometimes by several years. They continue to work in colder environments and do not contain mercury. LEDs also are an instant startup. The ROI of most energy efficiency upgrade projects can be a year or two, meaning there is very little reason not to switch.

Source: Boston University