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Get Started with the Rocknoll Energy2016™ Solar Package

To assist our clients and standardize our services, Rocknoll offers a complete 12 panel, 20′ x 16′, 3kW PV solar installation package suitable for most residential and small business applications; the Energy2016 Solar Package. To ensure you receive the full benefit of solar, Rocknoll has developed custom, proprietary ground mounts that can be adjusted to an optimum reception angle. As seasons change and the position of the sun in the sky varies, the panel arrays can be moved using the ground mounts, ensuring you are harnessing the entire energy of the sun. Complete project installation time varies depending on various factors including zoning paperwork, engineering drawings and other details. Rocknoll can help you with all the details and make your dream of solar energy become reality. Contact Rocknoll today for a no-obligation consultation on an Energy2016 installation package.