The Solar Map: Is Your Home a Good Candidate for Solar Energy?

solar panel installation Ohio Kentucky IndianaAs of 2016, there are now more than 1 million homes using residential solar installations. The solar power industry is in position to nearly triple over the next five years, addressing one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions – residential homes. Are you already eco-friendly minded and looking to take the next step toward power, off the grid? Find out if your home is a good candidate for solar energy.

Solar Energy: Your Home’s Location And Exposure To Sunlight

Does your home have a clear, unobstructed access to sunlight for most, if not all day long, all year long? Southwest states such as California and Arizona are obviously great candidates with constant direct sunlight, but you might not expect many other areas being top contenders as well.

Your Home’s Eligibility For Solar Power

Google’s Project Sunroof

With Google’s Project Sunroof, simply enter your address for a quick analysis of your home or fine-tune your information for more detailed results by providing additional info such as your average monthly electric bill.

Figure It Out, First-Hand

Other options in checking your roof’s exposure to sunlight include BingMaps using bird’s eye view to examine your roof, or by simply going outside and checking a few times throughout the day. Check for nearby trees, buildings or obstructions that may inhibit your home’s exposure to the sun. You can also use maps provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to examine the amount of sunlight your area of the country receives per year.

These tools are incredibly helpful in determining whether solar power a good option for your home and how to go about having it installed:

• Hours of usable sunlight per year

• Square feet available for solar panels

• Recommended solar installation size

• How to finance your solar panels


Solar Power Solutions And Installation

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