Energy Efficient Lighting

Upgrading your interior and exterior lighting to LEDs offers a quick return on investment and leads to many benefits that add value to your business. LED lighting makes your facility brighter, safer, easier to maintain and more attractive.

Energy Saving Estimates

Parking Lot
Commercial Space
With Sensors

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Starting with an on-site audit, Rocknoll Energy offers analysis and best fit to optimize your lighting and your ROI. Any rebates available will be applied for by Rocknoll and a check will come directly to you for your upgrade.

Interior Lighting Upgrades

Traditional fluorescent lighting in the office, production, warehouse areas of your business is a drain on your bottom line. When upgrading you can realize from 62-84% reduction in your overall cost for lighting your facility. In addition, the long-lasting benefits of LEDs decreases your maintenance cost. Adding sensors to areas that are not used often can increase your savings even more.

The benefits of upgrading not only increases cash flow but can be a mitigation in risk by decreasing safety hazards. The brighter workspace can boost productivity. These intangibles are little harder to calculate but they do positively affect the day to day operation of a successful business.

Exterior Lighting Upgrades

A well-lit facility is essential for safety. Your parking lot, exterior wall, entryways and dock areas may currently have metal halides or other older lighting costing you money in use and maintenance. Upgrading these will create a much brighter exterior that can help increase your safety and help make your business be seen in a new light.

Any rebates available? Rocknoll finds them and applies for them – you get a check. These will not always be around so you need to act now to reap the benefits of LED’s and subsidies.

Exterior Lighting Upgrades

Renewable energy is an intelligent choice.

Let Rocknoll Energy help you find a solution that works for you!