Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Power Purchase Agreements are designed to allow businesses to realize the benefits of solar power as a renewable energy source for their electricity without a capital investment. Typically, there is a third-party lease agreement that funnels the cost through a financing arm that can take advantage of the credits and subsidies to the fullest extent lowering the initial outlay of the installation and making it feasible for a business owner to realize solar benefits. This is particularly advantageous for non-profit or government property owned businesses. Specifically, a PPA can allow your business to have predictable energy cost with the use of clean energy.

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PPA’s are agreements similar to a lease in which at the end of the typical 20-25 year term, the system is then owned by the business and will reap the benefits from then on. As a developer, Rocknoll Energy manages the process of financing, facilitates the incentives, designs and installs the system as well as manages the system for the life of the agreement.

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