Project Description

David contacted Rocknoll looking for a better heating solution. He recently purchased a 20+ year old home approx. 3500 sq ft. with lots of windows, vaulted ceilings, electric heat pump heat and electric water heater. He states his house was always cold in the wintertime and the heat pump wasn’t able to keep the house comfortable. He also lives on several acres with a plentiful wood supply. Dave’s electric bill was running $3-400 a month. Rocknoll suggested a Crown Royal Outdoor wood boiler to heat the house and the domestic hot water.  The Yates just completed their first winter with the boiler and couldn’t be happier. Not only was the house nice and toasty, but the endless supply of hot water for showers, laundry was quite refreshing. Rocknoll even installed a “hot” water port in his garage to use hot water to power wash his equipment. Did I mention we also heated his spacious two car garage/workshop with the outdoor wood furnace from Rocknoll Energy Systems? Being located on the end of a utility run, the utility power often went out. Rocknoll also installed a 22kW Generac whole house generator to back up the house power during outages. By the way, their electric bill is now averaging $125 a month saving hundreds a month and they have a warm house.