Project Description

Tyson was referred to Rocknoll and was looking for help with their all electric house and often $500 to 600 a month-  Duke electric bill. Rocknoll recommended first to install an Outdoor wood furnace as the heat pump in their house was pushing out “lukewarm” heat at best. We installed a Crown Royal 7300 which not only heats the house but also the hot water further reducing Tyson’s electric bill to $150-200 a month. Rocknoll then installed 50 /365 Watt Made in USA solar panels to knock out the rest of the bill and has been producing a credit monthly. Not only do the Farlinio’s have comfy, warm heat but they are “net zero” or no electric bill. Sandra said, “this is the best money we have ever spent” and the “Rocknoll team” is great. They are so happy that they are considering a Generac PWRcell battery back up to compliment the system in the event of a power outage.