Project Description

The Welling’s approached Rocknoll Energy with a $500+ electric bill monthly and they were looking for a net zero option, little or no electric bill was the goal, or lessening the carbon footprint so to speak. We started them off with a 10kW Bergey Excel Wind turbine on a 100’ tower, as they have a perfect spot on top of the hill overlooking the Little Miami River valley. The Bergey reduced the Welling’s electric bill by about half or $250 a month. The Bergey is almost always turning as it has a start up speed of approx. 5 MPH and is a landmark in this part of Warren County.  We then installed  10kW of Made In USA PV solar panels,  roof mounted with a battery backup system of critical loads,  which will run the freezers and fridge, basic heat, lights microwave and such. With the solar addition we met the goal of net zero and on occasion they receive a credit from Duke Energy . The combined system of wind + solar has saved over $6000 a year since the systems were installed. The backup battery system keeps the lights and the food cold  in the event of a power outage. Rocknoll Energy fulfilled the Welling’s dream of being net zero yet still grid tied.