Outdoor Boiler Furnaces are used as an alternative heat source that works in conjunction with your existing heat source. As an outdoor wood-burning unit transfers hot water into your home for heating. Boilers provide whole-home heat at a fraction of the cost of electricity, oil or gas. Boiler furnaces are ideal for heating houses, shops, greenhouses, pools, hot tubs, garages, sheds and domestic water. Adding a boiler is easy because it connects directly into your existing heating system leaving any wood mess outdoors.

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Boiler Heat

Choosing a well-made outdoor boiler is very important, not only from an investment standpoint but also to protect the environment. One concern with outdoor wood furnaces is the emissions produced during the burning process. Crown Royal Stoves are designed to reduce the carbon footprint and are virtually smokeless. The Shaker Grate Series is equipped with a Turbo Draft System, allowing for secondary gases to be burned before exiting through the chimney. With 60% less wood consumption, the Pristine Series uses a gasification process allowing a 99% combustion efficiency. Not only do these units save you money, they are much better for the environment. Rocknoll Energy constantly monitors the industry and only sells and installs the very best units available.

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