Home Solar Energy System

Converting the power of the sun into energy to provide independence for your family, community or business is an empowering choice. Whether your goal is to reduce your carbon footprint, your reliance on your utility or your cost of electricity; solar energy is a smart choice. The cost of solar has fallen more than 20 percent over the last five years making it easier to come to fruition. In addition, panel, inverter and storage system efficiencies have risen considerably so it’s common now to see 25-year panel material and power production warranties.

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Be Prepared

If you find yourself with the desire to be prepared for unforeseen happenings that may hinder our normal way of life, know renewable energy can plan an important role. Being prepared is smart. Whether you consider yourself a prepper or survivalist, Rocknoll Energy can help design a system that helps you be prepared as possible with the resources available.

Rocknoll Energy Solutions can help you decide between
the three types of solar installations:

Stay connected to the utility grid

If your main goal with solar power is to reduce your electricity cost, then a grid-connected or grid-tie PV system is the way to go. Grid-connected solar uses the grid as an energy bank when your solar generates more energy than you are using, therefore you do not need battery storage.

Grid-connected solar arrays require interconnection agreements with the utilities. Rocknoll Energy Systems navigates that process for you including managing permitting, documentation and inspection to help make the process of installation as seamless as possible.

Utility Grid

Stay connected to the utility grid with a battery backup system

It is increasingly common for people to want to keep their solar energy generated for emergency power, to further their energy independence or to use when the sun goes down (self-supply). A grid-connected system still uses the utility as a bank when there is not enough energy stored but is gets you that much closer to energy independence. Another reason to consider battery storage is if your utility does not offer Net Metering or their compensation for your produced solar energy is too miniscule.

Rocknoll Energy Systems is the area dealer for Generac PWRCell battery backup system. As strong as the brand is you know the system is one of the most trusted on the market. Learn more about this system here.

Battery Backup

Go completely off-grid

For remote rural homes, cabins, workshops, agricultural locations, or communication systems beyond the reach of the grid, or too expensive to run the grid to, Rocknoll Energy Systems has the experience and knowledge to find the right design for your energy needs.

Engineering off-grid solar is a unique and technical skill-set, requiring a careful analysis of energy usage needs. Rocknoll Energy has the expertise to design a system to ensure that sufficient energy is available even in low solar activity months. Faultless engineering work is critical in off-grid situations.

Renewable energy is an intelligent choice.

Let Rocknoll Energy help you find a solution that works for you!